The RESPECT coin

Respect is earned, it's the re$pect you deserve.

Available on Uniswap via Coinbase Wallet

What is RESPECT?

"a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements."

RESPECT ($RSP) is for the community to show their respect to others who deserve it. We are a fork of DOGE, so we are a memecoin, but with use case. A lot of people like to gift cryptocurrency to charities, friends, families, their favourite streamers, or just to generally say thanks to someone. We created RESPECT so you're able to show those you love that you respect them. We're for the community to spread some respect & love without the risk of being rug pulled. Check out our tokenomics below.

We strongly encourage you to contact us if you have a use-case for RESPECT. You can see a current use-case below.

15th May 2021


Supply locked as liquidity


Sent to burn address


For the community

Earn some respect

RESPECT is currently being experimented with on a bug bounty training platform, Bug bounties has grow hugely in popularity over the last few years with more active security researchers than ever before. However one "issue" with bug bounties is if you aren't the first to report an issue, you won't get paid. recently hosted an event for it's members dubbed FirstBlood and paid real bounties if they were the first to discover an issue. However instead of those reporting dupes walking away disappointed, they were rewarded with RESPECT ($RSP) for their time, effort and report quality. BugBountyHunter has full intentions to bring more utility with sending, receiving and using RESPECT.

Buying and using RESPECT

Contract: 0xa979f7a5a7d3a0b7ab2e41bcb46f805760013fbc

RespectCoin ($RSP) is currently only listed on Uniswap and you can find our contract address above. There is 20% of the supply for the community to decide who deserves some RESPECT deposited into their wallet, as well as to help kick-start new use cases with RSP.

We highly recommend that if you do join us on our mission and want to get involved then to please spread the love and respect.